Amazon Product Listing Optimization Made Easy

by | Aug 30, 2021

Poor searchability. Low clickthrough rates. Few conversion rates. Plummeting sales. Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you as an Amazon seller? If yes, then you have come to the right place. There are many approaches to address these issues and supercharge your online business. However, Amazon product listing optimization is a tried and tested strategy that many sellers overlook.

The 3 Cs of How to Optimize Amazon Product Listings

Think of it this way, in your Amazon seller to super seller story, Amazon product listing optimization is the first chapter. The goal of Amazon product listing optimization is simple – it improves your product ranking in Amazon search results to drive traffic and boost sales. While you may think that Amazon product listing optimization is difficult, it doesn’t have to be! In this blog post, we will discuss how you can optimize your product listing by following the 3 Cs:

  1.  Concept: Product images and product videos
  2. Content: Product title length, bullets, special characters, and A+ content
  3. Critique: Product reviews and product ratings

It is that simple.

The Amazon Product Listing Concept

Brick-and-mortar stores create customer experiences by setting up visual product displays. For an Amazon business, product images and product videos help generate a ‘concept’ of the product in the mind of a prospective customer.

Moreover, an increasing number of online shoppers say they rely heavily on seeing products being used or explained via video when making purchasing decisions, so it’s essential for eCommerce sellers to have this type of media available if they want to compete effectively against competitors.

Here is how you can revamp your Amazon product listing concept to rank higher in Amazon search.

Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Images

  • Image Quality Matters: Product images help buyers visualize what you’re selling. Investing in high-quality photos will boost sales because people want to buy from sellers that they know have quality workmanship.
  • Go for Six Product Images or More: Amazon recommends having at least six images in the product listing. As a seller, you should make the most of this allowance and equip your listing with relevant product images.

Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Videos

  • Include At least One Product Video: Product videos are a competitive advantage for your product on Amazon. With millions of products competing to get the customers’ attention, product videos can be one way you stand out from the competition and increase conversion rates by 80%. These stats prove that customers see value in using video as part of their buying decision process which makes having high-quality content even more important than ever before!
  • Don’t Compromise on Video Quality: The right Amazon product video highlights product features without distractions and shows buyers that they are receiving exactly what they want. This is an excellent strategy because it emphasizes uniqueness, value, product usage, and brand information in less than a minute!

Trellis’ Top Tip: You don’t need to hire a video production team to create engaging Amazon product videos. With Trellis, you can automatically generate videos for use on Amazon, embed them within Amazon Ads or Amazon product listings, and voila! Start your free trial today to get access to the tool. No credit card required. 

The Amazon Product Listing Content

To increase the relevancy of your product in the eyes of both the Amazon algorithm and buyer, you need to optimize content. The content-related considerations in an Amazon product listing include product titles, bullet points, specialized characters, and A+ content.

When optimizing the content of your Amazon product listing, take a step back and answer this fundamental question, why should customers care about your product or service? What questions do they typically have that you can answer in a helpful and persuasive way, so they understand the product better? Think of the product features and benefits, how does this help them get what they want out of it? Use these ideas to craft promotional text which will be useful for marketing purposes – helping with sales! Also, a quality-driven Amazon listing quality analyzer can assist you in evaluating whether your listing content complies with Amazon best practices and customer insights-driven recommendations. 

Here are the strategies to enhance your Amazon product listing content to rank higher in Amazon search.

Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Titles

  • Respect the Character Limit: A product’s title is important because it tells Amazon what the product category and features are, which helps Amazon’s algorithm to determine if buyers will be interested. Amazon allows up to a maximum of 200 characters including, spaces for your title.
  • Find the Right Balance: Product titles that are too short may not be able to convey the product’s value proposition. However, the key here is to find the right balance between creativity and conciseness. Do consider that mobile devices display titles up to 80 characters, and exceeding the limit replaces the existing words with ellipses.
  • Say No to Special Characters: We all love a bit of pizzazz in our titles, but Amazon has long been against this practice and actively suppresses any product listing that contains symbols or special characters. To avoid problems keep away those fancy ~! * $ ? because they’re out for good.

*Hi Trellis, what is A+ Content?

Before we share the top tips to help optimize A+ content for your Amazon product listing, let’s get into what it is all about. Amazon A+ content allows you to tell your product story by adding enhanced marketing content. This increases sales because it helps overcome purchase barriers while explaining all the features and benefits of a product, which drives brand affinity. On average, this results in an increase of conversion rates by three to ten percent!

With A+ Content, sellers can create rich text by adding images, videos, comparison charts, and more to accurately describe item details. This helps shoppers make educated purchase decisions because they have all the information that they need.  

Tips to Optimize Amazon A+ Content

  • Tell a Visually Captivating Story: High-quality images and videos are important marketing tools for selling products on Amazon. Customers like to see what they’re buying before committing, so make sure all your pictures have high-resolution images with a white background. To increase conversions, even more, add lifestyle videos showcasing how people interact with or use these products day-to-day.
  • Craft a Brand Identity: To establish a distinctive brand image, demonstrate your unique value proposition on product detail pages. Communicate and connect with customers to encourage them to repurchase from you or build brand loyalty.
  • Get Targeted and Relevant Traffic with SEO: To improve product discoverability for all your listings and boost organic rankings, develop a search engine optimization strategy. Search-dominant keywords will help you stay ahead of the curve as it changes over time but requires ongoing modifications to keep up with top-performing terms.

The Amazon Product Listing Critique

Your customers are your biggest and only critics on Amazon. Critique is commonly understood as being negative, but it also involves highlighting the qualities of a product. Amazon reviews are a critical deciding factor in customers’ buying decisions, and for a good reason. 84% of shoppers trust them as much as a personal recommendation, which is why 91% read online reviews at least occasionally or regularly. They add transparency to the purchasing process, so consumers feel more comfortable buying unfamiliar brands/products because they have social proof that allows their purchase decisions to be easier and more confident.

Tips to Optimize Amazon Your Amazon Reviews and Ratings Strategy

  • Reach the Optimum Number of Reviews: A product listing on Amazon should have at least 25 reviews before you start scaling your advertising efforts. Reviews can be a useful way to optimize the traffic that comes from search engine results pages, as well as converting visitors who come directly to the page. The more competitive your product category is, the more reviews you will need for similar products to compete with them and earn sales.

Trellis’ Top Tip: For a niche category of products, 5-25 Amazon product reviews may suffice, depending on how relevant they are for users searching online which increases their chances of conversion.

  • Aim for 4-Stars and Beyond: Anything less than a 5-Star rating is not bad. Have you ever considered why the ‘Amazon 4-Star Store’ is not called the ‘Amazon 5-Star Store’? Here is what Amazon says about this on their FAQs page for the store:

“As with any device or product, there will be a range of customer opinions, but anything that achieves an average of 4 stars or above demonstrates a consistent thumbs up from our customers. Many of the products in Amazon 4-star are rated higher than 4 stars.”

  • Follow Proven Strategies Get Amazon Reviews: Customers can’t inspect a product before buying it, but they may get reviews from others who bought the same item. Good online reviews make all the difference in sales. Explore avenues such as the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, Request a Review feature, adding product inserts, and sending follow-up emails to increase legitimate reviews on your Amazon product listing.

The Bottom Line: Amazon Listing Optimization should be the Foundation of your Amazon sales strategy

If you want to sell your product on Amazon, you must optimize your Amazon product listings. eCommerce isn’t like in-person shopping: customers cannot touch the item or smell its scent. Product listings are vital for recreating a retail experience online and ensuring that all information needed before purchase is available; this will allow your brand messaging to stay consistent throughout each listing, as well as help stand out among other products being sold on Amazon which number at over 350 million globally!

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by | Aug 30, 2021