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Trellis increases Amazon sales by finding the largest pool of profitable keywords. Smart bidding and budget management drive profitable sales.

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300% Sales Growth

Their elegant approach to ad management has allowed us to grow our overall sales within our target ACoS. I highly recommend anyone looking to scale their business to try Trellis.”

Abani Rugs

Abani Rugs

70% ACoS Reduction

In six weeks Trellis was able to accomplish the same amount of advertising sales that our manual campaigns accomplished in 8 years



4x Budget Efficency

Amazon advertising takes a full-time person to figure it all out. Trellis took the complexity off our hands entirely.

Dandy Blend

Dandy Blend

manual work

5X Average ROAS per Keyword
Keyword discovery and harvesting that identifies profitable keywords.

30% Increase in Ad Serving Time
Smart budget and bid management make your budget last longer.

20% Increase in Total Revenue
Automation drives cash flow increase by driving smart discovery, bids, and budget management.

You’re in good company. Brands like ArtisanPower and World Products trust Trellis to manage their Amazon PPC campaigns.

After only a few months on the platform our ACoS improved by 33% and I didn’t have to lift a finger.”