Trellis Secures $1M in Pre-Seed Funding

by | Sep 9, 2020

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Trellis Secures $1M in Pre-Seed Funding and Announces Intelligent Platform for Amazon Advertising

Ottawa-based Trellis Corporation today announced it has raised over $1M in pre-seed funding from institutional and angel investors. The Trellis Intelligent Advertising Platform is now available for Amazon merchants. 

Founded in August 2019, Trellis maximizes revenue potential of e-commerce merchants by making smart data-driven decisions through software. 

“Small businesses are increasingly turning to e-commerce platforms for sales. With the brick and mortar sales plummeting, we are seeing record gains in e-commerce. The retail landscape has changed forever”,  says Brock Murray, Co-Founder and COO of seoplus+.

With over 2 million active Amazon sellers globally and Amazon’s worldwide sales predicted to increase 20.2% this year, competition on the e-commerce marketplace is surging. The Trellis solution leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and cloud services, to build a software platform that uses real-time data to optimize ad spend and maximize revenue for Amazon merchants. 

“Measuring ROI on your ad spend has always been a challenge. With our software, merchants are able to see a direct correlation between their ad spend and the sales that it generates.” says CEO and co-founder, Fahim Sheikh. 

Over the past few months, Trellis has built a strong customer base that has been instrumental in refining their algorithms. Thanks to their customized AI-driven software, Amazon e-commerce merchants can now automate their advertising process for an effortless experience that increases sales and visibility on the Amazon marketplace.

“Managing Ad spend on Amazon takes time, expertise and frankly a lot of costly experimentation. Trellis has removed this complexity by automating the process. In less than four weeks, Trellis was able to increase Ad based sales by 88% and reduce our advertising cost of sale (ACoS) by 14% using the Trellis platform. For us to continue to compete on a marketplace like Amazon, this is huge”,  Suhaib Sajjad, owner of PetPeppy. 

AI software mimics human behaviour and learning patterns. By removing emotions, data-driven decision making that is frequent and self-adjusting eliminates ad spend waste. Keyword discovery, harvesting, and bid optimization are all integrated into one holistic solution eliminating the need to deal with spreadsheets or multiple tools. The net result is an ad campaign that is effortless, efficient and immediate. 

“Advances in AI are pushing us towards an economically feasible solution for managing sponsored ads. A self-driving pay-per-click solution is programmed to independently carry out the complex day to day tasks a merchant needs to do to compete successfully. Our software platform is operationally efficient, solidly reliable and remarkably adaptive,” says CPO and co-founder, Krishna Vemulapali. 

Trellis is now suitable for part-time and full-time sellers, SMEs, agencies and global brands. The platform’s dashboard delivers all vital information for its users, delivering up-to-date reports on relevant keywords, impressions, sales, clicks, ad sales, ad spend.

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About Trellis

Trellis is a software platform designed for Amazon e-commerce merchants built on the deepest knowledge and latest advances in artificial intelligence and digital automation. Use it to create, launch and optimize your Amazon sponsored-ad effortlessly, efficiently and immediately.

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by | Sep 9, 2020