How to Drive Conversions with Amazon Attribution

by | Apr 25, 2022

Image showing a dashboard to help drive conversions using Amazon Attribution

If you’re an Amazon seller, chances are that you’ve faced the challenge of trying to measure the impact of your non-Amazon campaigns. After all, to establish a profitable Amazon PPC strategy, it is important to understand the performance of all your marketing channels. With Amazon Attribution (Beta), you can set your worries aside and gauge the impact of your cross-channel digital advertising initiatives.

In this post, we’ll provide a step-by-step breakdown of Amazon Attribution and how you can use it to drive conversions. 

What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a measurement solution that provides analytics regarding the performance of your non-Amazon marketing channels and media ads. These channels include but are not limited to social media, display ads, email marketing campaigns, search ads, and PPC. 

This new tool is available through the Amazon Ads API. Eligible sellers, vendors, and agencies can access the solution through tool providers integrated with Amazon API or the self-service console. 

Who is Eligible to Use Amazon Attribution?

Professional sellers that are a part of the Amazon Brand Registry, agencies, and vendors are eligible to use Amazon Attribution. This measurement solution is currently available in the following marketplaces; Canada, the United States, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and United Kingdom. 

What is the Cost of Amazon Attribution?

Amazon is currently providing this measurement solution to eCommerce owners for free. 

How Does Amazon Attribution Work?

When running Facebook Ads or Google Ads, it is possible to track conversions by placing a pixel on the website. This piece of code is useful for building audiences for retargeting and understanding how people interact with your website. However, in Amazon’s case, you work with what is known as an ‘Attribution Tag’ rather than a pixel. 

What is an Amazon Attribution Tag?

Attribution Tags are parameterized URLs – they pass information related to a click. This can help sellers attribute the sales of their products and identify the sources that are driving traffic. 

You can generate a tag using your Amazon Attribution account and track your Amazon listings. Once this link is plugged into your ad campaign, email, blog post or any other marketing medium, it will allow Amazon to track the actions that people take.

What Metrics Does Amazon Attribution Track?

Amazon Attribution provides comprehensive insights into multiple metrics through downloadable reports. These reports feature information related to the following metrics:

  • Purchases
  • Add to Carts
  • Detail Page Views
  • Conversion Rate
  • Total Sales

How to Use Amazon Attribution?

Many eCommerce marketers and businesses realize that Amazon is designed to boost consideration for their brands through multiple touchpoints. However, there are other marketing channels and media ads that play a key role in driving the shoppers’ purchase decisions.

By integrating this measurement solution as part of your Amazon advertising strategy, you can take advantage of insights and data to boost brand value and craft customer experiences that engage repeat purchases and promote brand loyalty. 

Top 5 Benefits of Using Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution is a gamechanger for eCommerce marketers because it solves one of their biggest challenges – developing a holistic Amazon advertising strategy. Moreover, the tool helps segment traffic data that was previously bunched together and overwhelming to process. 

Think of it this way – if you sold 1,000 units of a product and know that 300 of those units were sold through Amazon ads, that leaves 700 units that were sold through another marketing channel. With Amazon Attribution, you can figure out exactly what those channels were and do much more. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of using Amazon Attribution:

Identify Marketing Channels with the Highest ROI

The solution segments your marketing channels based on multiple metrics including sales. Now you can finally identify marketing channels with the highest ROI. Equipped with this information, you can make decisions such as developing one channel over another or investing in different media ads. Having this information is akin to a goldmine for eCommerce marketers because it allows them to make informed decisions rather than guessing the next steps.

Execute a Full-Funnel Targeting Strategy

Shoppers on Amazon go through a purchase journey driven by their search behaviors, how ready they are to purchase, and how they shop the category. Intercepting shoppers as they go through this journey and building awareness and consideration for your products is crucial for growing your market share and brand on Amazon

– Krishna Vempulapali – CPO, Trellis

In a highly competitive eCommerce landscape, Amazon businesses need to execute full-funnel targeting to generate effective demand. Insights gained through this measurement and analytics solution are critical to meet this objective because they present a cohesive picture of important full-funnel advertising metrics. These include Add to Carts, Sales, Clicks, and Detail Page Views.

Explore New Sales Opportunities

With the recent launch of brand-related features and tools such as Brand Metrics, A+ Story Cards, and Brand Follow, Amazon is actively creating an innovative ecosystem for brands. 

Amazon Attribution is another step in this direction because it allows brands to learn how shoppers interact and engage with their story, persona, and product offering. With this knowledge, eCommerce businesses can identify new sales opportunities and drive sales on Amazon like never before.

Optimize Current Advertising Campaigns

The solution offers in-depth campaign performance insights focusing on conversion metrics. With this data, you can better evaluate the status of your existing campaigns, video ads, and landing pages, optimize your product listings, and adjustments to reduce ACoS and maximize ROAS

Understand Lucrative Marketing Strategies

Data-driven insights into your non-Amazon marketing campaigns are essential to understanding the strategies that work for you. Through Amazon Attribution reports, you can conduct a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of multiple non-Amazon channels. Furthermore, you can continuously streamline the strategic direction for your eCommerce business.

Closing Thoughts on Amazon Attribution and Why You Need it Now

If you are trying to develop a holistic view of your Amazon advertising strategy then Amazon Attribution is the answer to one of your biggest challenges. This new measurement solution is the best way to gauge the performance of your non-Amazon marketing channels and make data-driven decisions.

Amazon has recently launched a series of solutions, features, and tools targeted towards brands on the platform. Gaining that early adopter advantage by integrating solutions such as Amazon Attribution can help you acquire a competitive edge in your category and industry. 

by | Apr 25, 2022