Sponsored Brand Video 101: Harness the Power of Video Advertising on Amazon

by | Dec 20, 2021

With the launch of Amazon Sponsored Brand video in December 2019, the e-Commerce giant generated nearly $21.5 billion from ads alone in 2020, up from around 9.3 billion dollars in 2019. Research proves that Sponsored Brand videos win over static ads with higher conversions and greater click-through rates (CTR). With Amazon sellers shifting their ad spend from Sponsored Product Ads to other advertising types on the platform, the time for revving up your video marketing engine is now. 

Video advertising is a great way to communicate your brand identity. When it comes down to engraving a product in the minds of your target audience, videos provide better results than any other form of advertisement. They are quicker to watch and process by customers who are always on the go! According to a recent report, almost all marketers agree (93%) that video marketing is an important element of their marketing strategy.

The race to the finish line has never been more difficult. Here is all you need to know and more about harnessing the power of video advertising on Amazon.  

What are Sponsored Brand Video Ads?

How many times have you overlooked a product because it was buried in the depths of Amazon’s search engine? Unlike standard Sponsored Product advertisements, which resemble organic search results, Sponsored Brand Video ads usually appear halfway down the first page of Amazon search results. In short, they’re designed to catch attention!

Sponsored Brand Video Ads enable you to highlight your brand story to customers. This is what sets them apart from Sponsored Product Ads. Depending on your advertising goals, you can also use them to explain the features of an existing product or share information with potential customers. 

*Hi Trellis! Am I eligible to use Sponsored Brand Video Ads?

Once you are part of the Amazon Brand Registry, your business can create video ads. This is also a plus point as many of your competitors may not be a part of the Brand Registry Program yet. 

Why Should I Add Video Advertising in my Amazon PPC Campaigns?

Historical events tend to redefine the course of industries, and the same holds true for advertising. The pandemic impacted the amount of video content watched online, with an overwhelming majority (96%) saying it increased. 

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, online videos will generate 82% of consumer traffic on the internet by 2022. It’s simple – video is now the king of content. As an Amazon seller trying to navigate through the platform, it is the most opportune time to benefit from the shift in consumer behavior. Apart from that, video advertising on Amazon also provides the following advantages:

  • Engage – You can use video ads on Amazon to capture the attention of both mobile and desktop users. Unlike static images, videos have consistently proven themselves as one of the best ways for marketers to tell an engaging brand story. 
  • Target – With effective keyword targeting, you can easily reach customers searching for products that are similar to yours and connect with your target audience. 
  • Integrate – Creating an integrated advertising campaign takes time and effort, but with the Sponsored Ads creative builder it is easier than ever. Simply upload your video like other creative assets, and you’re done. 

Best Practices for Amazon Video Ads

  • Ace Your Messaging: In the age of social media, consumers are constantly barraged by countless messages. Make sure your communication is true to what your brand represents.
  • Focus on the Customer: Your Sponsored Brand video is an important tool in the arsenal of your company. Therefore, aim for creating more focused and simple content that will strike a chord with customers
  • Master the Art of Storytelling: Explore storytelling techniques that align with the goal of your campaigns. For example, if the intent of the video is educational then focus on highlighting the unique selling point of your product. 
  • Keep it Short: The goal of any campaign is to get people excited. Keep your video ads between an optimal length of 15 to 30 seconds to hold onto the customer’s attention from start to finish.
  • Logo and CTA Matter: Integrate your logo at the beginning or end of a video to remind customers who you are. Once it loops, consider adding a CTA (call-to-action) such as “Learn More” to suggest the next steps. 
  • Make it Mobile Friendly: Many customers now browse on their mobile devices.  Make sure you keep this in mind when creating the Sponsored Brand video. Consider the size of the assets within the video and make sure that you don’t overcrowd the screen with text! 
  • Use the Right Language: Your video will play without sound by default. Use the local language when writing the text for the video. This will allow the customers to understand the video’s message without audio. 

Guidelines for Amazon Video Ads

How Can I Create Amazon Video Ads?

Like many Amazon sellers, you may be contemplating whether you should invest the time and resources required to produce video ads that resonate with your target audience. After all, there is a possibility that Amazon may reject your video ad if it does not adhere to guidelines. Also, a poorly executed video ad may not resonate with your target audience. 

What if you could craft compelling video ads in a single platform that handles the tasks of creating, editing, and publishing Amazon-compliant video ads that align with your brand identity in minutes? The task of launching your first Sponsored Brand Video ad won’t seem as daunting. 

Trellis’ Video Creatives creates Amazon video ads using pre-defined and compliant templates. Getting started with the feature is easy for anyone with some basic skillsets, camera equipment, or existing video assets. It cuts down the time taken for storyboarding, editing, and publishing. There are no complicated post-production processes like green screen, chroma key, or color correction needed here. Everything happens live on your computer as soon as you feed in your assets to Trellis’ Video Creatives. 

Once published, these high-definition Amazon video ads are ready to launch on Amazon within seconds. If this sounds too good to be true, start a free trial of Trellis’ AI-driven platform. 

Closing Thoughts on Amazon Video Ads

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition, and make your brand more memorable, Amazon Sponsored Brand Video ads are perfect. The dynamic potential of video advertising on Amazon is ideal for any business competing on the platform regardless of its size. The post-pandemic era of advertising has created new opportunities for video content to thrive with TikTok and Instagram leading the race. 

The best way to create video ads that convert is by using data-driven decision-making. With a complete advertising automation platform like Trellis which provides an in-built Video Creatives feature, you can easily compare performance metrics for a specific campaign and make tactical decisions about where your ad spend should go next. 

Usher in a new era of limitless Amazon growth – try Trellis now, for free.

by | Dec 20, 2021