Seller Feedback vs Product Reviews on Amazon: A Quick Guide

by | Dec 1, 2021

Product reviews are one of the key ingredients to success on Amazon. They have an impact on your conversion rates, rankings, and sales. There are legitimate and effective ways to boost your product reviews on Amazon. However, many merchants often wonder about the differences between seller feedback vs product review on Amazon.

If you’re a seller with the same question, you’ve landed on the right post. Let’s take a look at how seller feedback and product reviews are different.

Seller Feedback on Amazon

Seller feedback is a metric that gauges the customer service provided by the seller. It represents the buyer’s experience with the seller based on factors such as:

  • How quickly was the product delivered to the customer?
  • How meticulously did the seller respond to customer queries about the product?
  • How was the shipping experience for the product? Did the product arrive well-packaged?
  • How was the seller’s overall communication with the buyer?

Product Reviews on Amazon

Product reviews are an essential part of the virtual shopping experience. As buyers cannot physically touch or look at products they rely on the opinions of other customers to make a purchase decision. Product reviews are also crucial for increasing the visibility of listings as Amazon’s A10 algorithm looks at both sales and genuine reviews.

Unlike seller feedback, a product review is a metric that is based on the following:

  • Is the customer satisfied with the product?
  • Does the product solve the customer’s pain points?
  • Is the product durable and of good quality?
  • Is the product the same as what was described in the listing?

Trellis Simplifies: Seller feedback has to do with the customer’s experience with the seller whereas product reviews are based on product-related factors and concerns.

How to Improve Seller Feedback

Before engaging in any communication with customers, sellers should keep themselves up to date with Amazon’s Communication Guidelines. Adhere to the following rules when approaching customers for seller feedback:

  • Limit yourself to sending one communication per customer
  • Make sure that your messages follow a neutral tone
  • Ensure that you are not breaking any clauses in Amazon’s terms of service
  • Send personalized messages in line with Amazon’s Communication Guidelines
  • Request either product reviews or seller feedback per customer

Remember, Amazon permits you to ask for unbiased feedback rather than positive feedback. However, you can follow these few simple tips to increase the chances of receiving good feedback:

  • No matter what, communicate like a professional
  • Send timely responses to customers’ questions and concerns
  • Keep track of your customer satisfaction rate by checking the Amazon Account Health Rating
  • Request Amazon to remove buyer feedback that goes against set guidelines

How to Get More Product Reviews

Despite what many people believe, it is possible to ask for Amazon product reviews. Rather than burdening you with too much information that gets no results, we’ve written a guide that features tried and tested strategies that actually work to get product reviews on Amazon. 

Don’t have time to go through the post? Here are our four top tips:

  • Enroll in the Amazon Early Reviewer Program without any cost and garner positive reviews, given that you provide excellent products
  • Use the Request a Review Button on Seller Central and increase your chances of getting product reviews
  • Add Product Inserts in your packages before shipping them with a QR code redirecting customers to your product review page (make sure you adhere to Amazon’s guidelines and do not offer any incentives or rewards to customers in return!)
  • Send Follow-Up emails encouraging customers to share their experience with the brand

Seller Feedback vs Product Review on Amazon: You Need Both to Build an Amazon Brand

Many merchants don’t realize that seller feedback and product reviews are equally important to build a successful brand on Amazon. If you’re just starting out on Amazon or have a relatively low volume, you won’t likely see an organic surge in these metrics. 

Now that you know the key differences between seller feedback vs product reviews on Amazon, it is time to focus asking on asking for them. No matter which method you choose to get more product reviews or improve seller feedback, make sure it is Amazon-compliant. Follow our tips and strategies to improve your seller feedback and boost your product review count to gain more visibility on Amazon now. 

by | Dec 1, 2021