Matrix – Amazon Keyword Research Tool

The free Amazon keyword research tool designed to help Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies research high, medium, or low competition keywords and win the Amazon digital shelf.  

Win the Amazon Digital Shelf with the Right Keywords

Keyword Competition Score

Find high search volume low competition Amazon keywords by gauging the competitiveness of the digital shelf. Our free Amazon keyword difficulty tool assesses the digital shelf for a given keyword in real-time and calculates how competitive it is to target the keyword.

Keyword Recommendations

Using the right keyword on your product listing is an important factor in determining your product rank in Amazon search results. Matrix helps you discover recommendations for top related keywords so that you can optimize your Amazon listing and crack the code of Amazon SEO!

Keyword Strategy

 With Matrix, you can master the building blocks of your Amazon keyword strategy and strike a balance between traffic and competition. Our tool for Amazon helps you focus on targeting keywords that can result in higher conversion rates and boost sales by turning visitors into customers.

What Can Matrix Do for You?


Increase in sales for sellers that target high volume low competition keywords


Higher conversion rates for Amazon sellers with an optimized Amazon keyword strategy


Increase in the likelihood of winning the Amazon digital shelf

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matrix by Trellis?

Matrix is a free Amazon keyword difficulty and research tool that gauges the competitiveness of a keyword. As part of an effective keyword strategy, Amazon sellers and vendors should know how difficult it is to rank for a keyword. 

Matrix assesses a range of factors including, ratings, price, shipping, ad spots, and on-sale items on the digital shelf to determine the competition score of a given keyword in real-time. The tool generates insights into the difficulty level of Amazon keywords so that sellers can focus on targeting search queries that are relevant to the shoppers. 

Is this tool free?

Yes! Trellis has launched this innovative Amazon keyword competition and research tool to guide Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies looking for insights into Amazon keyword research and building an effective keyword strategy.

What is a Keyword Competition Score?

Once you plug in a keyword into our free tool, it generates a Keyword Competition Score in real-time. Scores between 0-49% indicate low competition Amazon keywords, whereas scores between 50-74% are medium competition keywords, and 75% or above are high competition keywords. The results describe keyword difficulty or how difficult it is to rank for a keyword depending on multiple factors on the digital shelf.

How can I explore keyword opportunities at every stage of the buying funnel?

In a sea of millions of products, it is challenging for eCommerce businesses to increase their visibility and boost conversions. With Trellis’ data-driven ad optimization platform, you can easily find top-performing keywords and new keywords opportunities every day. No manual input is needed.

How can I leverage the potential of Amazon Auto Campaigns as part of my Amazon keyword strategy?

Auto Campaigns give advertisers insights into keyword data that Amazon is mapping products to and how profitable those keywords are. Read our blog on how to harness the power of Amazon Auto Campaigns to set up your Amazon keyword strategy for success.