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10 New Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Engagement Metrics You Should Start Tracking Now

Recording of a sponsored brands video ad for Amazon

Sponsored Brands video ads are one of the most efficient ad types for advertisers. With a consistently high click-through rate (CTR), video advertising on the platform helps engage customers at the high-intent stages of the buyer journey while capturing the attention of those at the early stages of the funnel. Thanks to the recent introduction of new Sponsored Brands Video engagement metrics, Amazon has equipped merchants and marketers with the ability to make data-driven decisions regarding the efficacy of their video ad campaigns. These metrics include:

  • Viewable Impressions, 
  • View-Through Rate (VTR) 
  • Viewable Click-Through Rate (vCTR)
  • 5-Second Views 
  • 5-Second View Rate
  • Video First Quartile
  • Video Midpoint
  • Unmutes
  • Video Third Quartile
  • Video Completes

Here’s all you need to know about these new metrics to make the most of your video content and create powerful Amazon video ads that convert. 

Viewable Impressions

A viewable impression counts each time 50% of the video ad’s screen size is visible for 2 seconds straight while it is playing. The metric tells you how often your ad was visible and viewable. It is helpful for marketers to understand whether people are engaging with the content and not just looking at an advertisement without paying much attention to it. 

With the influx of visual content on people’s screens, it’s a real challenge for marketers and advertisers to create something that captures attention instantly. It’s difficult enough to just monitor views, but what about those ads that don’t get viewed? Viewable Impressions eliminate this problem by providing an accurate measure of how many times your ad is seen!

View-Through Rate (VTR)

View-Through Rate (or VTR) measures how many people see an advertisement from start till finish. For example, if 400 viewers loaded a particular video ad but 20 watched the content till the end, then the VTR is five percent. Here is the formula for calculating VTR:

VTR = Total Completed Views / Total Measured Impressions

Viewable Click-Through Rate (vCTR)

As the name implies, the viewable click-through rate tells you the number of people that clicked on your ad once it became viewable. Since Amazon counts an impression when an ad becomes viewable, this metric provides a clearer picture of your Sponsored Brands video ad’s performance on Amazon.

5-Second Views

This engagement metric represents the number of impressions where a shopper views the Sponsored Brands Video ad for at least 5 seconds or more. 

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5-Second View Rate

The percentage of impressions where a shopper views the Sponsored Brands Video ad for at least 5 seconds or more.

Video First Quartile

This engagement metric calculates the number of impressions for which a Sponsored Brands video ad played up until the end of the first quarter of the video’s total length. The point to note here is that an event is logged once per impression. Therefore, if the user plays the ad again, then the impression is not counted.

Video Midpoint

The engagement metric highlights the number of impressions where a shopper views 50% of the video ad’s total length. the metric logs an event only once per impression. If the shopper skips the midpoint of the video, then this event is not logged.

Video Third Quartile

This metric represents the number of impressions where a shopper views 75% of the video ad’s total length. The impression counts only once when the shopper reaches the 75% mark. If the shopper skips over the third quartile of the video ad then this event is not logged.

Video Complete

The Video Complete metric counts impressions when a shopper views a video ad till the end.


This metric counts the number of impressions where a shopper unmutes a video ad to play the sound. An unmute counts once for each impression even if the shopper mutes and unmutes the video ad several times. 

Closing Thoughts on Amazon’s New Metrics for Sponsored Brands Video Ads

Amazon is home to more than 12 million products, and you surely don’t want your brand to disappear in the vast sea of eCommerce. Uncover the benefits of video advertising on Amazon now to gain an edge over competitors who are already utilizing smart strategies to not just compete but thrive in the marketplace! The newly introduced metrics for Amazon Sponsored Brands video campaigns allow businesses, no matter their size or industry type to become more profitable through data-driven decision making. 

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