Amazon Follow: Creative Strategies to Grow Your Brand Following on Amazon

by | May 4, 2022

An illustration showing the use of Amazon Follow - two sellers using strategies to attract more customers to his brand.

Amazon is focused on boosting the relationship between shoppers and brands. The online retail giant constantly introduces features that customers can use to analyze brands before making buying decisions. Through this unique initiative, buyers now have an option of following specific brands on the eCommerce platform to further such engagements. Here’s our take on Amazon follow strategies for your business.

What is Amazon Follow?

As highlighted above, Amazon wants to create a lasting relationship between brands and their customers. As a result, the company has introduced multiple features that can further this engagement. For example, through Amazon Follow, buyers have a chance to start relationships by just hitting the Follow button on the brand’s social posts, store, and Amazon live.  

an image showing a follow button on an Amazon storefront

In this initiative, the customers follow the brand and not the other way round. Only the stores that offer quality products, competitive pricing, as well as good customer services will get a good following. It’s the nature of customers to build relationships with brands serving their interests.

What Does Getting Followed on Amazon Mean for Brands?

On Amazon, the level of competition is growing every day. Latest statistics show that roughly a million sellers join the eCommerce platform every year.

The increase in online sellers is a welcome aspect for the customers. However, as for brands, any new seller on Amazon brings new competition. It also forces brands to lower their product pricing and increase quality to remain relevant.

In such a case, an Amazon follow creates an impression that, as a brand, we’re doing everything possible to make our customers happy and to deliver to their expectations. A brand following acts as a rubber stamp for what we’re doing.

In a sector primarily influenced by reputation, any follow enhances our reputation and directly impacts the brand visitors and conversion rates. So, we’re focused on product quality, competitive pricing, and unmatched customer service to get more brand followers.

How to Enable Amazon Follow

Unfortunately, not all Amazon sellers are eligible for the Follow button. In addition, there are some pre-requisites to getting this button which brand sellers can access via the “Manage Your Customer Engagement” tool.

However, these requirements are not complex, and you can get a Follow button today. The first requirement is ensuring that your brand is enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry

The second step involves creating an Amazon store, after which you’ll automatically gain a Follow button to display on your storefront. 

How to Follow Someone on Amazon

Amazon is strategically making it easier for customers to follow brands. The first step involves a simple search of the brand’s name and a click on the stores’ product detail pages. The next step involves clicking “Visit the Storefront.” Here, customers can Follow the brand by clicking the Follow button.

How to Find Stores I Follow on Amazon

As a customer, it’s not challenging for you to find the stores you follow on Amazon. They’ll always appear on your public profile, which means that everyone can easily see your followers.

Also, Amazon has structured this feature such that your followers will also appear in other locations, especially on the pages of the people you’re following. However, you have an option of hiding your followers using your Profile page settings.

How Does Amazon Follow Help Sellers?

You’re probably wondering why you need to enable your Follow button on Amazon. However, every metric that Amazon introduces offers some unique benefits. As a seller, there are multiple benefits you’ll quickly gain through this simple feature.

1. Building Long-Term Customer Relationships

As a seller, your success on Amazon depends on the long-term relationships you’re creating. You must maintain the relationship you have today to keep your company competitive. Today, more than 20 million Amazon Follow relationships emphasize this feature’s importance.

2. Building Royal Brand Relationships

You don’t want to build a simple brand relationship but royalty from your customers. You want them to think about you and the products you’re offering every time they visit Amazon. A simple brand Follow helps the customers remember your business and buy your products because of the relationship you’ve built over time.

3. Manage Your Customer Engagement

Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) is an Amazon feature that lets you engage directly with your customers. It plays a critical role in building royal relationships. This feature can also support your featured products, new product announcements, and holiday gift guides. However, to access the “Manage Your Customer Engagement Feature,” you must have an Amazon store page with the brand followers.

4. Increase Brand Visibility

Another significant benefit you’ll be gaining with brand followers is tremendous Amazon visibility. As highlighted above, your followers will display publicly the brands they’re following. Therefore, your brand will be visible to hundreds of potential customers from a single follower.

5. Impact Your Email Marketing

You can reach your customers through email conveniently through the Amazon Follow button. It’s an opportunity for you to use this portal as an email marketing tool. Besides building your brand’s customer relationships, you’ll easily enhance your email marketing by increasing your lead generation.

How to Grow Amazon Storefront Followers

As you can see, Amazon brand followers have a huge role in the success of your online store. Therefore, you need to develop some strategies that can help grow your Amazon Storefront followers. Here are some proven methods to consider and quickly build your Amazon brand following.


Amazon Live is a live streaming tool that brands can access for free. This tool is essential in generating leads, sales, and engaging brand audiences. However, brands have to ‘level up’ their Amazon Live rating to optimize on this tool.

Using a recurrent call to action, “follow our brand,” you can gain followers on Amazon Live throughout the live stream. Brands that have perfected their live streaming CTAs are already expanding their following.


Amazon storefronts provide a digital experience to customers by standing out from the crowd. Using your storefront, you can now incorporate a call to action and encourage customers to follow your brand through the Follow button on the left side of the navigation bar.

You can use your digital storefronts as a landing page that engages and converts traffic into customers. In addition, you can incorporate Amazon Live into Amazon Stores to increase your following.

Amazon Posts

In Amazon Posts, you have an Instagram-like feed that shows your product listings, Brand Store, rival product listings, category-based feeds, and related posts. The Amazon Posts that you can use to attract more brand followers include tags, brand name, logo, image, as well as a ‘show product’ button.

You can leverage Amazon Posts by including a Follow button to acquire more followers. Also, you can bring the brand personality to your Amazon Posts, which will increase customer engagement and, therefore, more brand followers.

Inject Creativity

In the online world, creativity wins. You need to include an infographic-style image in your social media gallery encouraging buyers to follow your brand. Your media graphic can emphasize the benefits of following your brands, such as special offers and access to new product releases.

You can also promote your Follow option in your A+ Content. This content is read by buyers interested in additional product information before making a purchase decision. Again, these are engaged buyers who might be interested in following your brand.

Classic Amazon Advertising

Amazon advertising is one of the simple techniques for expanding your brand following. It’s an indirect strategy focused on bringing more customers to your store. They’ll not only purchase the products on offer but also notice the Follow button. If they’re impressed by your services and products, there’s no doubt they’ll follow your brand.

However, everyone is doing classic Amazon advertising, so you must pull your A-game to stand a chance. But with Sponsored Brand Ads, you stand a chance of attracting colossal traffic.

Social Media Posts

Social media platforms have proved beneficial to Amazon brands in various ways. Sellers have an opportunity to market their products and services for free. These are also the only platforms that bring millions of potential customers to Amazon Stores. You can leverage the power of social media platforms by advertising the Follow option, which is a straightforward technique for getting more followers.

Partnering with Influencers

In modern business advertising, you cannot ignore the role of influencers. Amazon brands are currently partnering with influencers to promote their products and offers. Influencers have proved beneficial as they help build trust, attract a relevant audience, and increase listing traffic.

In the same way, you can have your influencers encourage their fans to follow your brand on Amazon. Noteworthy, influencers have enormous online and offline followers, and they can easily take your Amazon brand following to unprecedented levels.

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by | May 4, 2022