Amazon Keyword Strategy: How to Harness the Power of Auto Campaigns

by | Apr 21, 2021

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Selling on Amazon has a lot of advantages when you tap into the resources available to maximize reach and sales.

With 3+ million active sellers and declining ROAS on this behemoth search engine for eCommerce, why should brands leverage Auto Campaigns on Amazon to save money, time, and create efficiencies across multiple products in their sponsored ads?

Let’s first start by talking about why it’s important to take advantage of Auto Campaigns on Amazon for keyword discovery, and then we can dive into the details of how it’s done.

When brands advertise products on Amazon, the competition is fierce and Amazon will naturally prioritize the visibility of ads that are making them the most money. It’s important more than ever for brands to have a solid system in place for discovering and optimizing keywords that will increase reach for new buyers to discover and purchase your products. Leveraging auto-targeting in your Amazon PPC campaigns allows you to benefit from the data that Amazon has but does not share.


Tap into Amazon’s Big Data

Having the ability to tap into decades of Amazon’s data to cover all of your bases when identifying keywords that are driving sales will give advertisers the competitive advantage that can be then used to further other campaigns within the advertising program.

Automatic Campaigns give brands visibility into keywords that might not have been considered when setting up the advertising campaign. With so much data available on Amazon’s marketplace, using Amazon’s Auto Campaigns to complement your Manual Campaigns, positions brands to capture the full spectrum of coverage while maximizing ACoS.

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Auto Campaigns give advertisers insights into keyword data that Amazon is mapping products to and how profitable those keywords are. The big data available in Amazon allows your campaigns to intelligently make decisions on how to spend your advertising dollars efficiently.


Catch Keywords That Could Have Been Missed

Since people search for products in different ways, brands competing for sales can learn which keywords are driving the highest sales for each product in Auto Campaigns. This is a process that if done manually would require a lot of time, effort, and refinement. 

As humans, we are limited in what we consider to be relevant keywords for our products. We have certain biases to language and uses of words based on our cultures, geography, and lifestyles. For example, in the United States, we refer to the clothing on men’s legs as pants and in the United Kingdom, they are called trousers, and universally they are referred to as slacks. We have tunnel vision when considering the end solution to our products instead of all of the ancillary words that might be of better value for buyers to discover our products. For example, we might search for a wine shelf, or wine shelving, whereas someone else might search for that same solution by using the search term wine storage. 

With billions of dollars in daily sales, Amazon has vast amounts of data about which keywords might help drive sales for your product. It is important that we tap into this data set as this is not available anywhere else.  As the Auto Campaign discovers keywords that convert, those keywords can be moved to your manual campaigns given the Automatic Campaign the needed budget to discover more. Doing it this way will save time, cast a wide net, and automate the complexities of discovering and refining these words.

Advertisers will regularly need to make adjustments on campaigns such as moving top-performing keywords to Manual Campaigns and shifting low-performing words to negative keyword lists to avoid wasteful spending. This saves advertisers both time and money, all while maximizing reach across the product line.

Now that we understand why advertisers need to use Auto Campaigns to have better control over their ACoS, let’s discuss how this is done.


Set up an Auto Campaign for products 

The goal of using Auto Campaigns is to use it as a research tool for the overall marketing mix. Setting up an Auto Campaign is as easy as flipping a switch in the Amazon advertising campaign’s dashboard. 

Using the reporting from the Auto Campaigns will help advertisers determine which keywords are driving profitability. The reporting will show data on underperforming keywords which is equally as important.



Harvest keywords that meet your profitability criteria

Once advertisers learn the keywords that are converting at the highest level, those high-converting keywords can be moved into an exact-match Manual Campaign. The Manual Campaign is where advertisers have more control over the bidding optimization of keywords that are driving ROAS.


Using Automation for Keyword Harvesting

Keyword harvesting is an automated process that allows advertisers to identify keywords in Auto Campaigns and move them into Manual Campaigns for targeting efficiency. After using Amazon’s Auto Campaigns to learn which keywords are driving profitability, advertisers will want to automatically transfer those search terms into the Manual Campaigns to optimize spend and visibility.


Negating Keywords

Keyword harvesting is also continually adding negative keywords to the Auto Campaign once keywords are determined top-performing after moving them to the Manual Campaigns so advertisers aren’t double-spending on those keywords. 

Advertisers will have finer control over the bids of those keywords in the Manual Campaign while saving money, and optimizing for ROAS. Because every keyword is bid on equally in Auto Campaigns, the best converting words will not maximize profits in Auto Campaigns. 

Once you gain the research from the keywords in your Auto Campaigns, moving them into your Manual Campaigns will allow you to optimize your bids more effectively on search terms that are driving high returns and lower returns. If keywords are converting at 5% or more, you can increase your bids to reach a wider audience with better positioning to maximize more sales. And you can also bid less for words that are converting but not at as high of a return.

This is a continual process that requires refinement. Auto Campaigns helps advertisers understand which keywords are the most profitable. Having automation tools available to your program will help save time and money.


Our solution to automate campaign workflows

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by | Apr 21, 2021