Arch – Amazon Listing Quality Check & Analyzer

Improve your Amazon SEO and boost product rankings with the best listing optimization tool in the industry. Enter your ASIN and select an AMZ marketplace to generate your personalized listing quality report in seconds.  

Amazon Listing Optimization Made Easy – The 3 Cs of Arch


Product images and videos attest to the quality of your products and help build the visual concept of your Amazon store. Our  Amazon listing quality checker evaluates your products’ visual concept by assessing it in line with Amazon’s best practices and guidelines.


Content is king for driving conversion rates. An Amazon product listing is a combination of several content attributes which are equally important to optimize listings for search. Arch assesses all of the individual content variables of a quality listing and highlights areas for improvement.


Customers use Amazon reviews and ratings to determine whether your product can be trusted. Trellis’ Amazon listing analyzer calculates the critique score for your product listing based on the benchmarks set by customer insights surveys and competitive intelligence reports. 

What Can Arch Do for You?


Increase in sales for ASINs with a 75+ Amazon listing quality score


Average increase in sales for sellers who follow our listing quality guidelines


Increase in sales for sellers who talk to our team of Amazon advertising mentors

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tool free?

Yes, our Amazon listing quality check & analyzer is 100% free for anyone that is seeking feedback on an Amazon product listing. Marketing on Amazon is vastly competitive and specific, this tool provides sellers with an insightful listing analysis report to assist their Amazon product listing optimization.

We encourage every Amazon seller to run their listing through our free listing optimization software to receive a data-driven report that has proven to boost product rankings and help increase sales.

What is a good Amazon listing quality score?

Listing quality scores above 75% prove that the product listing is well-optimized. Scores between 50% and 74% mean that the listing is good, but there is room for further improvement. Scores below 50% indicate that the product listing needs optimization for better results. Our free tool provides an in-depth report highlighting the Amazon product listing elements which you should improve.

How can I optimize my Amazon product listings using this tool?

After entering an ASIN, Arch will analyze the listing in real-time and instantly provide a comprehensive report with actionable insights to improve your listing. This report provides feedback on what is good vs. what can be optimized within your Amazon product listing. These recommendations are based on an in-depth analysis of Amazon’s best practices, ToS guidelines, and customer insight reports.

My Amazon product listing score is good, but the product has little to no reviews, what should I do?

Advertising your product can help increase product and brand visibility which leads to more sales. This will enable you to get more product reviews. However, there are other proven ways to gain legitimate reviews on Amazon. Check out our blog post on “How to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2021” to read about practical, effective, and proven strategies to increase your Amazon product reviews.

What should I do if my Amazon listing quality score is low?

If your Amazon listing quality score is below 75%, Trellis highly recommends following the instructions provided by the free tool to optimize the product listing. Even when a product is priced well and in high demand, the product listing will not be pushed organically by Amazon if it is not optimized. Poorly optimized listings can also negatively impact your sales and conversion rate. A well-optimized product listing can help you obtain a significant increase in traffic and boost sales. We can’t stress this enough – Amazon product optimization is the first chapter in your seller to super seller story.

How can I optimize my Amazon product listings to increase sales?

Amazon product listing optimization or Amazon SEO is a prerequisite for Amazon PPC. 

Once you run an ASIN on our Amazon listing analyzer, you will receive a listing quality score in seconds. Moreover, our listing analysis report will evaluate specific elements of your AMZ listing including product images, product videos, product title, review count, and more against Amazon’s guidelines and best practices. The report will provide actionable insights to help you develop quality listings that rank well on Amazon. 

Interested in further reading? Read our comprehensive guide on how to optimize your Amazon product listings and supercharge your Amazon journey. 

Can Trellis help improve my Amazon product listing(s)?

If your Amazon product listing receives a low score, you will have the option to book a one-on-one call with a Trellis expert to gain tips for improving your product listing. Since our expertise is in Amazon PPC automation, we want to ensure that all listings are “Ad Ready” before a seller capitalizes on the benefits of a PPC automation platform, such as Trellis. This allows us to ensure that the advertising budget gets the best results before we even get started.

My Amazon listing quality score is great, yet my product sales are not that high. Why is that?

If a listing quality score is above average, but impressions and sales are low, Amazon PPC can help you improve and accelerate sales. Trellis customers experience an average sales growth of 30% when using our Amazon PPC automation platform. Try Trellis for free and grow your Amazon sales today. 

Can Trellis help with creating videos for Amazon product listings?

All Trellis customers have access to our free video editor feature that automatically generates product videos for use on Amazon. You can embed these videos within Amazon Ads or Amazon product listings. Get access to this feature and many other benefits that our platform offers to Amazon sellers like you. Start your free trial today – no credit card needed!