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Create Amazon Video Ads That Convert

With Trellis Video Creatives you can craft compelling Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads that convert in minutes. Harness the power of video advertising on Amazon and launch your first video ad campaign now for free. 

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Create, Launch, and Optimize Amazon Ready Sponsored Brands Video Ads In Seconds


Craft compelling video ads in a single platform that handles the tasks of designing, editing, and publishing video ads that comply with Amazon’s guidelines in seconds. Choose from a range of pre-defined templates, and personalize for your brand.


Showcase the best of what you have to offer with captivating video ads that resonate with your target audience. Streamline costs and promote business efficiency with performance data on your Sponsored Brands video campaigns. Powered by Trellis’ AI-driven ads automation platform.


Let the #1 advertising automation platform for Amazon power your Sponsored Brands video campaign. Reach your ACoS targets and sales goals by leveraging the unmatched potential of Amazon video ads that are made to convert.


Truly understand how your video ads perform by date, target ACoS, sales, and more. View your data based on your product lines, categories, and across your entire business. Explore in-built PPC tools and features to take data-driven decisions. 

Replicate Success From One Campaign To The Next

Use look a like audoiences to efficiently replicate success using similar characteristics to identify a new audience

Predict Communication Fatigue And Minimize Optouts

Use look a like audoiences to efficiently replicate sucecess using similar characteristics to identify a new audience

Optimize Programs In Flight To Exceed Your Goals

Get Nnotified if you are going to miss your goals and course correct with intelligent recommendations

Predict Outcomes And Track Your Goals With AI

Predict the outcome for your event with member-level registration and attendance predictors

Trellis Video Creatives Features

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Take the Guesswork Out of Amazon Advertising

With our pre-built templates you don’t need to worry about complex technical specifications or creative guidelines. Say goodbye to countless revision requests and get your video ads approved in moderation each time.

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Amplify Your Brand Presence

Have a custom video theme request for your brand? Look no further. Our Video Creatives team builds product-focused and demonstrative video ads that follow Amazon’s best practices to showcase your brand to the target market.

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Ask Us Anything About Sponsored Brands Video

At Trellis, we’re more than just experts – we’re Amazon advertising mentors. Ask us anything about high converting video ads and we’ll answer your most asked queries.

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