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How Amazon Hub Counter Increases Traffic & Sales?

How Amazon Hub Counter Can Get More Traffic, Sales, & Brand Visibility?

As a local retail outlet, you always need more traffic coming into your store. Most retail businesses want to become the most popular ones in their locality.

However, it’s not always easy to get the traffic share due to the competition. That’s why you need to offer more to your customers to get more traffic and popularity. One of the best ways is to work with the biggest eCommerce retailer, Amazon, and let their customer base walk into your retail outlet. 

Through the Amazon Hub Network, you can set up Amazon Hub Counters to get more traffic walking into your store.

What is Amazon hub or hub counter?

Amazon Hub is a service provided by local retailers to allow Amazon customers to pick up their orders in-store. It gives Amazon customers an opportunity to pick up their order anytime during the store timings. It is useful for Amazon customers because sometimes the customers are not home to receive their order or their pick-up location is not in convenient location. 

Similar to Amazon Hub Counters, there are self-serve Amazon Hub Lockers, which is an automated, secure, and convenient delivery solution where customers can easily and quickly pick up their Amazon packages. (More on it later)

Both of them fall under the Amazon Hub Network, allowing local shops to partner with Amazon and offer customer service to Amazon customers while building rapport and helping them with Amazon orders.

Meanwhile, Amazon customers get a great customer experience through more time to pick up their orders, select the most convenient locations, and pick up where they shop.

What are the benefits of Amazon Hub to local businesses?

As a local shop, venturing into programs like Amazon Hub can make a huge impact on store traffic. Amazon has already partnered with thousands of shops and here are some reasons why Amazon Hub Counter is a great service for local shops.

1. Increased foot traffic

The primary benefit of joining Amazon Hub is increased traffic and customers to your local store. You will get more Amazon customers coming to pick up their orders from your store. Customers will know about your store and eventually become a customer if they keep coming often.

As a business owner, you already know how it is important to attract new customers to your business. Various businesses struggle to attract traffic, but partnering with an eCommerce giant has its perks.

2. Improved brand awareness

From ‘having new customers enter your store’ to ‘finding your store as a pick-up location option’, Amazon Hub Counter improves your brand awareness. If you have a local convenient store, most likely many shoppers in the locality won’t know where you are, if they haven’t already swung by.  Amazon Hub could really help boost your store awareness, especially if it’s newly opened. 

As you open up an Amazon Hub Counter, you will quickly get increased foot traffic, resulting in brand awareness growth. 

3. Growth in business revenues

Consequently, more traffic and brand awareness lead to higher revenues. The success of most businesses is highly measured by revenue. However, it depends on the store, on how they convert the traffic to purchase more and become regular customers. 

You must constantly look for opportunities to give your business entity an edge. If you can’t serve customers with Amazon orders, then incorporating Amazon Hub Locker is a great opportunity to attract more traffic without having to serve them for Amazon orders.

4. Build Amazon customer base

Many retail businesses are already looking to sell their products on Amazon. Building a customer base on Amazon can be difficult, but partnering with Amazon before you start selling on Amazon can give your store a boost. 

Suppose you are planning to join Amazon in the future; it’s essential to build a ready customer base that will support your future business. An Amazon Hub Counter will play a critical role in building a new and reliable customer base that will support your Amazon stores in years to come.

What are the differences between Amazon Hub Counter and Amazon Hub Locker?

Amazon Hub Locker and Amazon Hub Counter are two unique but distinct delivery models that Amazon has recently adopted. Unfortunately, most retailers and customers need precise details on how each delivery model operates. To avoid making fundamental mistakes when deciding on the model to incorporate into your retail business, you must understand the difference between Amazon Hub and Locker.


An Amazon Hub Locker is a self-service delivery strategy that allows customers to pick up or drop orders without contact. Here, you’ll get a touchscreen monitor that facilitates your order picking. On the other hand, an Amazon Hub Counter has an attendant. The person at the counter will deliver your order and pick up your drop-offs. You can choose the model that will bring more to your business without interrupting your daily operations. Most business owners consider a model that does not stretch their human and other resources.

Pick up packages

Amazon Hub Locker has been a game-changer among customers close to an Amazon Hub Locker location. Such individuals can easily use the Hub Locker location as their mailing address and instruct Amazon to send all their orders there. This is a welcome benefit to most Amazon customers near an Amazon Locker location. However, for this approach to work, you must reside near the Amazon Hub Locker location, and your purchase must fit Hub Locker’s standards.

Return items

Over the years, Amazon Hub Lockers have provided package pickup points and have recently evolved into a product return drop-off facility. Therefore, if you operate an Amazon Hub Locker, you should accept that customers will constantly return various products that don’t fit their specific requirements. On the other hand, Amazon Hub Counters have been very effective in offering assisted return services to their customers.


The availability of the Amazon Hub Locker and Amazon Hub Counter is reasonable. You’ll quickly find these logistical centers in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. However, it’s essential to indicate that these services may only be available in some countries worldwide. You need to pay attention to the availability of such services before enrolling.

Operating hours

Usually, Amazon Hub Lockers operate throughout the clock. The fact that these pickups and drop-off points are self-service logistical centers explains why they operate twenty-four hours, all seven days a week. However, Amazon Hub Counters use different operating hours. Most of them are open during the same hours as the significant store that houses them.

How Amazon Hub Counter Works

As a local retailer, you know that an Amazon Hub Locker and Amazon Hub Counter will be critical in pushing your shop to the next level. Here are some essential steps to incorporate an Amazon Hub Counter or Hub Locker in your business.

1. Fill out an Amazon questionnaire

Amazon has always been an organization that focuses on offering high-end services and products to its customers. That’s why this organization ensures that all the necessary steps have been followed when choosing Amazon Hub Counter hosts. Therefore, you’ll be required to ensure that you fill out an Amazon questionnaire that will offer considerable information on your qualifications and eligibility.

2. Confirm your location

Everything about Amazon Hub Counter is all about business location. You need to confirm this to ensure that your business works as expected. You must always ensure that your business is in a location that adheres to the demands of the leading eCommerce entity. It’s the only way your organization will operate as expected.

3. Confirm operating hours

Generally, Amazon is working towards ensuring that its services are accessible by customers for a maximum number of hours. This is something that can help the customers to access their products at any given time. You must show that you’re operating for maximum hours to get the necessary approval to operate as an Amazon Hub Counter location.

What next for your retail business?

Gaining a competitive edge in the modern retail industry is fundamental to competing in the local market. Therefore, you must look for strategic approaches to help your business remain competitive and attract enough customers. Strategic marketing and good customer service can help to primary the operations of your business at desired levels.

However, incorporating the Amazon Hub Counters in your retail business can increase your visibility, attract considerable traffic, and, most importantly, increase your sales. Amazon remains the global retail giant already dominating the online retail industry. Getting a proportion of its customers to pick their orders from your business will allow your entity to remain relevant and competitive in the current competitive climate.

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